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Membership of the society shall be open to all qualified persons and organizations engaged in the study, teaching and application of Chemistry and other related disciplines

Section1: Classes and Qualification

There shall seven classes of membership as follows:

Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Life, Member, Corporate, Affiliate and Student


A Fellow shall be a person who in addition to satisfying the conditions for membership must:

  • Have distinguished him/herself in the teaching, research and application of chemistry
  • Have had at least 10years professional experience in his/her field after satisfying the minimum condition for Membership
  • Have reached a position of seniority, experience and authority in his/her career
  • Have been an active member in good financial standing for a continuous period of at least five years

Honorary Fellow

Any individual who has made eminent contribution to the cause of chemistry may be proposed and elected as an Honorary Fellow. Such an Honorary Fellow shall not vote or to be voted for and shall not pay dues but shall receive the official publication of the society

Life Member

Any active member of ten years financial standing consecutively, may become a life member by payment in one lump sum a minimum amount equal to twenty five times the prevailing annual membership dues. By this payment the member become exempted from the payment of future annual dues during his life time. Each Life Member shall continue to exercise all rights and privileges of an active member.


A member must:

(i) Have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry related fields recognized by the CSN Council

(ii) Or have obtained a bachelor’s of science degree in which Chemistry is one of the major subjects in addition to having at least 2 years research or professional experience in Chemistry or related fields;

(ii) Or have obtained a Higher National Diploma or equivalent qualification with specialization in any of Applied Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry/Biochemistry/ Chemical Technology Techniques, from recognized and accredited higher institution in addition to having at least 2 years post qualification experience in any of the related fields

(iv) Or have an equivalent professional qualifications and research experience in Chemistry or related field deemed by the Council to be equivalent to Sub-Section (a) or (b) or (c) above

Corporate Member

Any Organization or Body which encourages the advancement of Chemistry by active technical, financial and moral support for training, research and development in Chemistry, shall be eligible to become a Corporate member, Such a corporate member shall enjoy all rights and privileges of an active member

Affiliated Member

Any person for admission to the Affiliated Class of Membership must satisfy the following:

  • Have obtained a National diploma or equivalent qualification with specialization in Chemistry-related discipline or Technology from recognized tertiary institution
  • Shall have at least 3 years post-qualification experience in any of the related fields.
  • An Affiliated Member may be upgraded to full membership upon acquisition of appropriate higher qualification and or cognate experience

Student Member

  • A student shall be eligible for Student Membership if he is engaged in the study of Chemistry in any tertiary institution recognized for the purpose by Council
  • A Student Member shall have all the right and privileges of an active member except the right to vote or hold offices
  • Student must be certified by the student’s Head of Department or any senior staff of the institution who is an active member of the Society

Section 2: Election into Membership

(i) Procedure

Application for membership shall be made on official CSN application forms obtainable from the National or Chapter Membership Secretary, the National or Chapter Secretariats, or on-line from the Society’s Website. The Completed forms must be endorsed by the chapter chairman and one active member CSN member

To be elected, the applicant must be cleared by the Membership Screening Committee and approved by Council

Each successful candidate shall be bounded by the rules and regulations of the Society, and, in addition, shall be required to pay the prevailing prescribe dues

(ii) Cessation of Membership

A person ceases to be a Member for:

  • Proven professional misconduct
  • Proven case of insanity
  • Conviction for criminal offences by a court of competent jurisdiction

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The Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN) was founded in 1971. It is the umbrella body of all Chemists in Nigeria which, among other things, seeks to protect the professional interest of chemists as well as promote the propagation, study and practice of the science of chemistry in Nigeria.


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